How to Convert Excel into vCard .VCF File Easily?

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Excel to vCard: MS Excel used all over the world for creating spreadsheets, as Excel is an easy way to create and organize mailing lists. To move such a mailing list into an e-mail or address book program is not an easy task. Though, it is not possible to directly import Excel spreadsheets into vCard, but there is a possible way to convert the Excel document into a vCard, which can be imported into numerous programs. By converting your mailing list to vCards, the individual contacts can be easily e-mailed or transferred to another computer.

About vCards: vCard or the Virtual Information Card is actually an electronic business card standard. Unlike the ordinary paper or plastic business cards that have only some text and graphics, vCards are the electronic files having .VCF extension and are largely acceptable by most email applications like Lotus Notes, MS Outlook etc. VCF format can be used with various digital devices like iPhone, PDA, mobile phones, Palm etc and also with many different Operating Systems.

Advantages of using vCards: A vCard VCF file contains the contact information in rich multimedia format. It is possible to include the information in the form of text, images, logos, URLs, audio clips etc in these files. You can use vCards to store your business contact information such as your company name, fax numbers, telephone number, email address and a lot more.

Why vCard is Useful? To import Excel to vCard is an easy process. VCF format is for vCard, which is a standard format used by most of the emailing managing applications. Many email clients like Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, Palm, Mac Address Book and many more accepts this format. You can use some useful tool to import XLS file to VCF file. After these contacts get exported you can use them for emailing to fulfill your business purpose in any of the email client you are using.

How to Convert Excel to vCard ? You can export XLS contacts to vCard using an expert third-party software solution. Make an online hunt to convert Excel contact to vCard. There are many tools available in the online market, go for some easy-to-use software package to import Excel contact list to vCard in VCF format.

Software to Convert Excel To vCard: Third-party tool like SysTools Excel to vCard is absolutely perfect tool to fulfill this requirement. You can use this tool to export your XLS contacts to vCard. To export your contacts from Excel to vCard is advantageous as it saves your time and energy, otherwise, you it takes lots of time in making successive contact entries one-by-one in the email application that you use or in the mobile device. SysTools Excel to vCard is an innovative solution to convert Excel contacts to vCard. It is a simple tool which can be used easily without using technical skills.

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